I could write a biting, insightful commentary on the second presidential debate, the complicated tension between Turkey and the Kurds, and the surging land rights movement among Native Americans (including Hawaiians), or I could play with my granddaughter. In one case, I’d be fulfilling my implicit contract with my readers to produce one semi-memorable blog-like entity every week or so; in the other, I’d be playing with my granddaughter. Which will it be? It’s a very delicate decision.




Child photograph by her grandmother

Michelle Mizera would probably approve of this.


46 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. And ALWAYS the right one! Seriously, thank you for reminding me to crawl out from under the dung heap and remember the joys that children bring us,particularly grandchildren!!)

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  2. Never pass up an opportunity to play with grandchildren.

    They grow up.

    The World does not.

    Sunshine, breezes, a child’s laughter are “The Balm!” as the young folk say – I think… No?


  3. Clearly, the morally correct choice is to play with the kid. However, I always enjoy (and am often stimulated by) your pithy observations. And if ever pith were needed, it’s now!


  4. She’s lovely! And gee, she’s growing up so fast! OBVIOUSLY, you made the right decision. Not that we don’t miss your insightful, etc. etc. comments on the debate, but I’m confident we’ll read them in time. As a grandparent, I applaud your choice.


  5. Enough people are weighing in on the world events. Play with this little sweetie while you can. And give a big hug for me, too, while you’re at it.

    You’re a lucky guy.


  6. As a devoted grandparent, I think you should play with your granddaughter.  There’s plenty of time to write your blog whenever, and it will still be meaningful whenever we receive it.  Thanks!!!

    Margaret Love


  7. I’m fairly certain that 99% of the people who had to comment on the debate for professional reasons would much rather have been playing with their grandkids, or their kids, or pets, or imaginary friends, or anyone, anything, anything other than that horrorshow…


  8. Discovery Playground at the Berkeley Marina is as good for grandparents as it is for children. jw

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  9. Isn’t it amazing how, if you invest your time into being with grandchildren, your rewards are so deep and satisfying. One of them being perspective. Take it from a relatively new grandpa.


  10. The window for commenting insightfully and humorously on bullshit will always be large and opened.
    The window for grandfather connecting with grandchild is small and closing.


  11. Your writing about your family, especially your granddaughter, as you have over many years has endeared you to me and, I imagine, to many others too. So what can we do but applaud your choice?


  12. Instead of a pithy blog post on any of the dismal subjects you mentioned up top, I’d like a nice long post on Alice’s progress as an equestrienne. Or a cat column. Either would do.


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